The Academic Progression in Nursing Grant, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has developed the Consortium to Advance Baccalaureate Nursing Education in Texas (CABNET), a multi-focused statewide model to assist all RN to BSN programs in the state to increase the number of associate degree prepared nurses graduating each year from1,826 in AY2010- 2011 to 4,200 in AY 2013-2014, a 230% increase. Statewide commitment to achieve the grant goals has been generated from both education and practice sectors.

A commitment to increase ethnic and gender diversity in nurse graduates is also a priority within this initiatives.  A mentoring program has been developed to assist RNs to confront barriers.

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National APIN Initiative highlighted on the American Association of Nurse Executives (AONE) Website


Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin Article highlights Texas APIN

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Academic Consulting Group offered a one-day workshop, “Teaching  in a Concept Based Curriculum” at San Antonio College.  This workshop provided faculty with practical strategies to teach effectively in this type of curriculum. The content was helpful for those who are currently teaching in a concept-based curriculum and those who are considering adopting such an approach.  The ACG Course was co-provided with Contemporary Forums for a maximum of number 6.3 contact hour(s).
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The Texas APIN team finalized the RN-BSN Briefing Paper for Spring 2014 to educate students, faculty, and practice partners about the importance of a RN-BSN education.

RN-BSN Briefing Paper